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Non-governmental organisation research

Engaged by an external agency, we conducted research for the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI). Working in a team of two over a four-week period, I recruited participants, scheduled interviews, interviewed participants and produced research artefacts.

The job

The DFSI wanted to learn about the purchasing needs and behaviours of non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Charities, not-for-profits, co-operatives and social enterprises are eligible to buy goods and services via the NSW ProcurePoint site. This helps them to deliver community services at a lower cost. The DFSI can better meet the needs of NGOs when understanding how their services are used.

The process

Interview recruitment started with a supplied list of organisations in Sydney and regional NSW. We met people at their place of business for face-to-face interviews. With findings first documented as one-page snapshots. These highlighted key information, and began to shape the story of how NGOs function and buy goods and services. Personas and customer journey maps further illustrated the depth and complexity in these organisations.

The outcome

The design assets and a report were delivered to the external agency who developed prototypes to test based on the research findings.