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Better Goals

mobile assistant for people with intellectual disability

This client had worked in the disability field for a number of years, and needed research to validate an app concept. Working in a team of two over a three-week period, I prepared interview scripts, interviewed participants, facilitated a focus group and analysed findings.

The job

The client was familiar with the challenges faced by people with disability and their carers, particularly when managing money, organising treatments and scheduling activities. With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) there was an opportunity the help people manage their government funding, for these two activity types. The research would help to validate the app concept and shape what it would become.

The process

We set about interviewing a range of people with disabilities and their carers. As well as plan managers and support service workers, to provide a broader perspective. The aim was to uncover how NDIS funding was being managed, how activities and treatments were found, scheduled and travelled to. Interview materials were created in an ‘easy read’ format which pairs imagery with single sentences, to communicate concepts clearly.

Focus group and interview participants were organised by the client. He attended all face-to-face interviews to be a familiar presence. The resulting discussions uncovered a richness in relationships, daily journeys, goals, successes and pain points.

The outcome

We discovered that there were many challenges people with disability faced when managing NDIS funding and finding healthcare practitioners and activities. There was definitely an opportunity to help the process become more manageable.

The client was supplied with three personas and a report. And has since created an app called Better Goals, a mobile assistant for people with intellectual disability.